Thursday, June 26, 2014

So tomorrow is the end of the 2nd term, and the beginning of the winter holidays. I am exhausted but I have to push myself three more days. I will be going in Monday and Tuesday just to tie up loose ends. 

When I look back at this term I am grateful to God for my health, I have managed to stay healthy despite a lot of stress and long days and a few all nighters! We have had a difficult and long term 2 but tonight as we met with Constantiaberg PM elders I felt a sense of renewed hope and strength for all God has planned for our beautiful little school shining as a beacon of hope in the hills of Hout Bay. 

Watching our Grade 10's return from 2 days of job shadowing filled with hope and excitement and the prospect that not only does their school name Silikamva which means we are the future ring true but they actually saw what kind of future they could have if they put in the effort and work hard to achieve a good education. No money in the world could replace the sense of hope I felt as we prayed for school and trust God that He will team the right people as we take our school forward.

I am looking forward to forging deeper relationships with my kids this holiday we are all excited for our little break to Knysna in just 15 days. Spending time just vegging and not having the pressures of everyday routine. 

I plan to have no plans for this holiday to just go with the natural rhythms of life and just be,

 Be still .....before God
Be relaxed ...... with Family
Be bold...............for His Kingdom

My prayer is only this that I may have my Father's eyes
Eyes that see the good in things when good is not around
Eyes filled with love and compassion for those less fortunate than me and to live out social justice that it becomes the natural rhythm of my life.


  1. Have a lovely break and travel safely. I shall pray all those things for you too and look forward to a catch up when you are back! x

  2. What a lovely surprise! I thought you'd given up blogging. Enjoy your holiday . . .